Working on the Project

Open server: Uber

Run the Project

To run a project locally. This will automatically reload when a file is saved/modified.

ionic serve

To run in xcode simulator. This will automatically start the iPhone 6 simulator and run your app.

ionic run ios -l -c -s

To get it on “Ionic View” for my iPhone. This will upload your project to your online account and make it accessible via your iPhone “Ionic View” app.

ionic upload

Opening the Project in Xcode

Open the xcode project on xcode. Will allow you to build and sync it to your device. /Users/KevinHou/Documents/Programming/UberScheduler/UberScheduler/platforms/ios Then click run

Logging Into Ionic (Command Line)

To log in to Ionic. This will allow you to upload your app to Ionic view.

ionic login

#Starting a New Ionic Project Good reference for starting a new Ionic project: Link

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