Mysteries of Auto Layout, Part 1:

Auto Layout Definition: Constraints lead to equations that layout your views automatically

Maintanable Layouts

  • Stack View - new to iOS 9
  • Arrange views linearly, vertically
  • Manages constraints of your subviews
  • Horizontal or vertical
    • Stack Views are basically for grouping elements together
    • Distribution property - can distribute across the axis
    • Example: Fill, fill equally, fill proportionally, etc.
    • Stack View options:
    • Axis: Vertical/horizontal
    • Alignment: Fill (spread itself across entire space)/leading/center/leading
    • Spacing (spacing between elements)
  • Can stack within Stack Views
  • After everything is stacked within the same Stack, can add constraints so it correctly fills the superview
  • Control drag from Stack View to superview to add new constraints that will pin it to the screen edge
  • New options: Content hugging priority, content compression resistance priority
    • Can resist changing sizes (useful for things like tab menus, buttons, etc.)
  • Start with Stack View, use constraints as needed
    • Changing Constraints

      • Don’t add/remove constraints
      • Instead, activate and deactivate constraints
        • Never deactivate self.view.constraints
        • Weird things will happen
        • Keep references to constraints you need, don’t just blindly deactivate all of them
      • Can animate constraints
        • Use self.view.layoutIfNeeded

      Create size constraints programmably

      • intrinsicContentSize = automatically makes the size constraint the same size as the content within the view
      • Use proportions — will likely be more successful
        • Don’t use points

      Constraint Priorities

      • Don’t set a constraint as “required”
      • Don’t use equal priorities
        • Set priorities a little higher or lower than the defaults:
        • Scale from: 1-1000
        • Low: 250
        • High: 750
      • This is good for localization — stretching UILabels, etc.

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