I recently programmed my own handwriting font app using Processing, a Java-based programming language. The program prompts the user’s handwriting, stores it locally, then allows the user to type in their own handwriting. I spent many hours on this project, and I had a lot of fun making it! I was really going for a program that would not only be a challenge programming-wise, but would also be a great tool to have. The features include:

  • Functioning typing interface
  • Font size
  • Support of multiple users
  • Line wrap and backspace
  • Numerous special characters
  • Export a PDF vector file to be laser cut/fabricated
  • One of the coolest parts about this project is the ability to print out what you've typed on a Watercolor Bot. This is a CNC machine that uses a pen to draw out vector files.

A video of the program in action.

I was very proud of this program. I spent a great deal of time on it and I was thrilled when I finally got it to work. Because of the complex nature of this project, I learned a great deal about both programming in Processing (PShapes, etc.) and the Watercolor Bot. My attempt at programming a “simple” word processor also revealed how difficult and complex Microsoft Office is.

If I had more time, I would add bold, italics, colored fonts, underlining, a curser, spell check, better line wrap, etc.

The source code

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