This is MusicViz. Often times music visualizers are created with Adobe Aftereffects for each individual song. Unlike these other “music visualizers,” I wanted to make something that works with any song or even any sound. I programmed this with Java and the Minim library.


  • Customizable animations (speed, fade time, sensitivity)
  • Five color-coordinated themes and backgrounds
  • Works with any “.mp3” file and many other common music file types
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, and Linux
  • Click to create a “firework” of dots

Unfortunately, I could not find a good screen recorder online that was both free and could record high frame rates. I opted to mirror my display with a TV then record the TV with a camcorder. Sorry for the low quality, hopefully I’ll get that sorted out in the future.

I will be uploading more songs with MusicViz soon. I am also working on an explanatory video about how the software works and what goes on behind the scenes. I coded this entirely with Processing.

I also do not own rights to the song “Goooo” by TNGHT. No copyright infringement intended! (That’s what everyone says in their videos so I guess I’ll do that too) It’s a great electronic song that highlights MusicViz’s ability to detect beat drops, etc.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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