I just published another video highlighting the functionality of my app, MusicViz. I used the song “Jubel” by Klingande both because it works well with the music visualizer and because I simply love the song. It’s a wonderful combination of electronic and instrumental music. Because the song doesn’t remain in “high gear” (doesn’t constantly trigger the visualizer) for the entire song, there’s some times where the music visualizer doens’t spawn any dots. Watching it create arcs across the circle was mesmerizing in itself and the contrast between these intense and non-intense periods was interesting.

I fixed the issue of not recording in high definition by using one of the high-powered school computers. I was able to screen caputre at 1080p and then layer the song on top of the noiseless video. This method worked well and I think that’s what I will do for future videos.

Stay tuned for more demos and explanatory videos!

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