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Emotions run high when coding and there is always member of the team that swears a little too much in github commits. Normally this is ok, but when you have hackathon officials or potential partners reviewing it, those vulgar swear words might not give off the gold impression you're striving for.

What it does

It simply executes order 66. It cleanses the entire repo of all the jedi, I mean curse words.

How we built it

A google chrome extension that replaces all curse words you see on github.

Challenges we ran into

We initially found it challenging to find and replace the words.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Well, it works. So we're proud of that. Also it allows us to feel the satisfaction of expressing our feelings towards stupid bugs accurately without harming our professional appearance.

What we learned

Google extensions are fun and straightforward to build.

What's next for Execute Order 66

If history tells us anything, they curse word rebellion will fight back. *for those who don't know what "execute order 66" it's the order from Star Wars that was given by the sith lord to kill all Jedi's. In our case the curse words are the Jedi's. Built With: javascript
Try it out on the Chrome App Store

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It won the contest for the best Octocat Design at the hackathon! See the Twitter announcement