The project I’ve been working on requires data entry that isn’t always easy to organize if they are kept locally in my React code. I’ve been declaring my data as a getInitialState() which is both inconvienient and messy. To work around this, I’m keeping my data in a seperate Javascript file called “file.js.”

I keep my data in a JSON format, but as a string:

var text = "Hello world!"; //In file.js

Below this line, I must export this variable so that it can be imported in the React code:

module.exports = {data: text} //In file.js

I store my string as an object called “data.” I then import the contents of “file.js” in my main “App.jsx” file:

import file from './file.js'; //In App.jsx

The contents of the object I exported in the other file is being stored as the variable “file” here. I can then convert the contents of “file” to an object:

var str =; //"data" is the object within "file"

Convert this into a usable Javascript object:

var finalData = JSON.parse(str);

Your string, “Hello world!”, is now stored within the variable finalData.

Hope this helps!

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