I am working on getting some neat, open-source Javascript libraries ported into my website. I’m trying to teach myself how to incorporate the pleathorea of user contributed libraries into my site. Over the summer, I taught myself how to use NPM dependencies — elegeant packages of Javascript code that would perform preset functions. With the millions of NPM packages out there, I wanted to use it in my own site.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to build a compiler that would allow me to use NPM dependencies in my code. I’m still interested in using other people’s code in my apps so I’ve resorted to Javascript libraries. I came across a really cool one called TheaterJS. Here’s a quick demo

Turns out, the steps to import Javascript libraries are very straightforward and simple.

  1. Download the library
  2. Move the file into your source code. It doesn't matter where.
  3. Link the '.min.js' file in the <\head> of your HTML file like so:
          <script src="path/to/library/TheaterJS-2.0.1/dist/theater.min.js"></script> <!-- TheaterJS -->
  4. Now you can use the library by calling the functions defined in the documentation. TheaterJS mimics a human chat transcript. An actual demo can be found on my landing page. Here's how to use TheaterJS's functions (this is the actual code I used on my landing page):
            .addActor('kevin', { speed: 0.6, accuracy: 0.7 })
            .addScene('kevin:Kevin Hou', 2000)
            .addScene('kevin:Welcome!', 1000)
            .addScene('kevin:Kevin Hou', 2000)

  5. Hope this helped!

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