I came across this video in my youTube “Recommended” playlist. I was intrigued by this video as it was such a unique concept and produced such an amazing result. Essentially, you add colored wax to your wood in order to highlight the grain. I really want to try this on one of my bowls (or even my next bat?) to see what it would look like. The steps are as follows:

  1. Sand your wood completely (400 grit)- any tearout or blemishes will be obvious after applying the wax. The video talks about how perfect and smooth it has to be. "Best sanded piece you've ever done"
  2. Rub on a clear, oil-based finish that seals the wood. This will prevent the wax from entering the non-grain areas in the wood. The man in this video used deft gloss lacquer on a paper towel.
  3. Use a brush to burnish the wood and remove any excess finish.
  4. Apply the wax thoroughly and use multiple coats using a cheese cloth. The result should be immediate and intrigueing. Wait about 15 minutes for it to dry.
  5. Make sure the wax is dry and doesn't smir. Apply another finish (this man used watco oil) to seal in the wax and remove the excess wax. Apply many times to remove all the wax that is not in the grain. The thinner in the finish wipes off the excess.
  6. Wipe dry. The wax, oil, and varnish should be sealed in the wood.

I plan on using this method soon! I will most likely post pictures or even film the process. Below is a list of all recommended materials:

DEFT Clear Lacquer Wood Finish
Black Shoe Polish (Wax)
Any Watco Danish Oil - Example

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