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Kevin Hou

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Kevin Hou

Always building & learning

A full stack engineer by trade and a creator by heart. Enjoys the process of creation whether it be in the physical (woodshop, blacksmithing, circuity) or the digital (software engineering, photography, and film).

Currently building AI-powered dev tools at Codeium (Exafunction). Previously a tech lead manager at Nuro self-driving. Received a computer science engineering degree from Princeton University with certificates in entrepreneurship and statistics and machine learning.

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Engineer, Photographer, Woodworker

Building, Designing, and Shipping Software

Software engineering and tech lead management experience in Silicon Valley and New York from seed, growth, Fortune 500.


Freelance Photographer

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I have been creating all my life both in the physical and in the digital. I'm always building something new whether it be an app, a startup feature, photo project, wood desk, or something entirely different.

Kevin Hou is an engineer at Codeium — an AI developer tools startup in Mountain View, California.
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Kevin Hou
Engineer, Photographer, Woodworker

Prints Available

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